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Each of our packages is designed for a different type of market participant. Your needs will vary depending on whether you're managing a portfolio or actively trading new opportunities. Sometimes it's a combination of both. 


  • Indicator Report for SPX, NDX

  • Daily Macro Report​ includes broad market indicators, and custom metrics including Open/Close Ratio, Volume Weighted Width, and LIQ Index. 

  • Research Access

Investor Price


  • Everything from Investor

  • Indicator report for FIVE new stocks every day

  • COND, FALC, GULL, HRON and RAVN Indicators

  • Two time dimensions per indicator

Trade Price

Prop Desk

  • 10+ Index Dimensions available for hundreds of names​

  • Bespoke Indicators

  • Multi-Year Index History

  • Cloud file delivery

Build a suite of indicators for your current and future strategies

Bespoke Indicators

Our system is purpose built to create indicators of any range or tenor. We will help you track the detailed surface movements of an individual name, or build a custom basket of stocks to monitor on a daily basis. 

Prop Desk

Find Opportunity

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