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Advisory Services

At Harvested Financial, we work with each client to develop a unique portfolio. Options strategies can take many forms, and with input about objectives and risk tolerances, we build a systematic opportunity capture. 

Whether you have your own parameters in mind, or are looking for guidance about issues, terms, or strikes; this is execution made easier. 

Covered Calls

Premium generation and low volatility

Target OTM Calls by Delta or %


Structured Products

Protected Principal + Exposure

Custom Terms and Knock Ins

Upside / Downside Swaps

Hedged Equity

Buffer market volatility

Buy OTM Put Spread,
Sell Cash Neutral OTM Call



Momentum / Leverage

Alternate cash puts with covered calls, varying DTE/delta


Rebalance Timing

The results of a strategy are dependent on the prices you pay at trade time. We execute trade plans that minimize the randomness that comes from any given execution. 

By slicing up positions across several months, results align with theory and reduce the impact of luck. 

Whether you're trading covered calls or hedged equity, all it takes is 200 shares to start spreading out your risk. 


Something different?

Options are a scalpel for financial opportunities.  We work with clients to solve a range of different goals. Borrow against your equity portfolio with managed collars. Neutralize concentrated risk that comes from restricted stock holdings. Manage the tail risk of volatile holdings, or right size investments with convex return. Reach out today, and find out what's possible.

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