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How to Use TheTape

1) Define your objective.

There are many different ways to capture opportunity in the options market place, but they all start with a goal. Whether you're trading around, over, or independent of equity holdings, it's critical to define your objective.

Browse through our research and writing for strategy inspiration ​or reach out for a free consultation. 

Covered Calls

Hedged Equity


Premium Generation

2) Select the right tools

TheTape supports the development of multiple types of options strategies.


Work with individual reports or choose one of our packages for a complete solution.

Intraday Audits

Audits provide an entry level solution for traders looking to identify opportunity.

Updated over twenty times a day, these live scans use proprietary logic to identify premium generation or collection opportunities.

Expensive Puts and Calls can also be the entry point for Wheel and Overlay strategies. 

Starting at $29/month

Overlay Opportunities

Build the ultimate portfolio of covered calls, hedged equity, or wheel trades.

Scan across the universe of stocks, or narrow your focus to a specific sector, liquidity profile, or price range. 

Use volatility and Spread Indicators to identify tickers for your next overlay strategy. With dozens of different filters, you'll find an opportunity for every appetite.

The Strip and Screener work together to help you identify stocks, analyze the history, and compare strikes for execution. 

Volatility Analytics

Refine your options strategy further with advanced volatility and Spread Indicator tools. 

VRP Lab tracks different flavors of risk premia, and Stable Skew shows how the curve has moved over time. Compare indicators over time and across issues with the LIQ Top 250 Report. 

The Investor package also includes a Premium Subscription to Portfolio Design, where you'll get access to weekly overlay analysis and trade ideas, as well as the weekly research deep dive. 

3) Execute on trade ideas

Follow along weekly with Portfolio Design as we analyze the results of screeners for overlay opportunities.

Build your own trading system based on our indicators, or join one of our seminars to learn tried and true techniques. 

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Complete Trading Packages


Identify Issues with Screener

Construct a strategy with Strip

Expensive Calls  & Puts

Covered Calls + Cash Puts

Free Subscription For Portfolio Design


Entire Analyst Package

VRP Lab + Stable Skew

LIQ Earnings

Indicator Analysis for 250+ Names

Premium Subscription to Portfolio Design

Client Discounts

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