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Digital Ten

Taking passive digital  

Diversified, representative, and benchmarked exposure to the crypto ecosystem.

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The Harvested Digital Ten is a market cap weighted index of the top digital assets available to US clients.  


The index is reweighted on a quarterly basis, and will incorporate new tokens as they become available.  This ensures that clients are constantly aligned with broad market digital asset trends. 

Client accounts will be managed to track this index and rebalanced according to changing index weights.



The largest holdings currently are BTC and ETH, accounting for 93.7% of the index composition*. Bitcoin is over 2 times larger than Ethereum in market capitalization. 

At quarterly rebalances, the index reviews the current market capitalization of available tokens, and reweights by adjusting proportions, adding, or removing components. 

*Rebalance data as of December 2023

Account Custody


Accounts are held by Gemini Trust Company LLC. Their institutional grade custody services provide best in class security for our clients digital assets. 

Gemini also offers professional grade trading services to meet our standards of best execution, and help minimize implementation costs. 

Gemini is a New York trust company that is regulated by the New York State Department of Financial Services.

Historical Comparisons

Cryptocurrencies have been around for less than a decade, and the ecosystem is in constant flux. For clients to practically track this index, they are dependent on the listings of our custodian, which has greatly expanded in only the last year.  As testing this historically opens up many methodological pitfalls, we'd propose a broad frame of reference for how the overall ecosystem has performed. 

The CCI 30 is a market cap weighted index of the largest cryptocurrencies globally. Historically the weights are similar to what the Harvested Digital Ten would be, but it should not be relied upon for investment decisions. The performance is highly volatile, and investors should do their own research with regards to any cryptocurrency investment. 

Investors can learn more about the CCI30 Index here


Risk Disclosures

Digital Assets are a highly speculative investment. Investors must understand that all of their capital is at risk, and that this type of investment is only for the most risk acceptant investors. 

While Harvested Financial selects investments for the Digital Ten based on relative size and asset intent, this is not a defense against any of the various risks, including financial, technical, regulatory, or others.

Before investing in the Digital Ten, we ask all our clients to sign an additional risk disclosure. 

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