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Privacy Policy


Updated February 16th, 2023


Privacy Matters


We care about your privacy.  Our top priority is to maintain a transparent and trusting relationship with our clients . When you submit personal details and sensitive financial documents, keeping them safe is tantamount. Below you’ll find details about the methods we take to ensure their security and how they get used.  We will never rent or sell your information. 


If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Harvested Financial LLC (“Harvested Financial”) is registered as an investment advisor with the State of Illinois. Harvested Financial offers investment advisory services via our Website. This document explains how through the provision of those services, we collect and use your personal information. 


For the purposes of this document “Visitors” are Users who access our Website. “Clients” are Users who have signed the advisory agreement and have agreed to have their investments managed by Harvested Financial. Collectively they are “Users”, whose data is “User Information”.  




Collection of information about Visitors may include, but is not limited to, any of the following: Name, e-mail address, telephone number, zip code, birth date, and internet protocol (“IP”) address. 


We collect User Information Visitors may input into the Website to provide better recommendations and improve user experience. Browsing activity and actions taken on the Website are monitored and stored. 


If a Visitor engages with a chatbot or a customer service representative, the details of that conversation including their e-mail and any User Information provided will be stored. E-mail addresses are also stored for Users who wish to submit questions through contact forms, or request to be added to mailing lists. 


Client Information


In order to service our Clients and uphold our fiduciary responsibility, we collect a number of details about a client's financial status, referred to as “Client Information”. These may include, but are not limited to:


  • Legal Name, Home Address, Birth Date, Social Security Number, Legal name of beneficiaries, 

  • Investment objectives, investment holdings, tax information and other regulatory details required by law. 


Banking Details:


In the process of entering into an advisory agreement and applying for brokerage accounts, a User may be requested to provide bank account details. Harvested Financial may retain details including account and routing numbers in order to service Client’s accounts. Users who decline to provide these details may limit Harvested Financial’s ability to provide services. 


Harvested Financial uses Interactive Brokers Inc. to perform certain banking and identity verification functions. Please reference our Terms and Conditions for more information. 




Our services are only intended to be used by persons aged 18 years or older. Please do not submit any details if you are under the age of 18. 


Other than beneficiary information, we make no attempt to collect information from children. If we discover we have accumulated such information, it will be promptly deleted. If you are the parent of a child who you believe has submitted information, please contact us at to have this removed. 




Through various referral programs, we offer Clients and Visitors the opportunity to share or recommend Harvested Financials services with their contacts. Personal details provided in this context would fall under our Visitor Information policy, and anyone who would like their details removed should please contact




In order to improve our customer outreach, there are a number of different tools we use to track information about Visitors


  • Activity Data Collection

    • Data about your device type, location, mobile carrier, operating system, browsing activity during and after use, as well as other information about how you use our services may be collected and associated with accounts or activity on other devices. 

  • Analytics

    • We use tracking tools, including “Google Analytics”, to monitor the behavior of Users on our Website, including amongst other things,  frequency and pages visited. The collection of this data is anonymized, and Harvested Financial never combines this with personally identifiable information. If you’re interested in learning more about Google Analytics, we’d encourage you to visit their site on Privacy Policy. Their use of the data is governed by their own legal and privacy policies. 

  • Caching Technologies

    • Frequently referred to as “cookies” or “pixels” there are a variety of data collection techniques that rely on code snippets which live in a user’s browser or internet access device. These data caches allow us to identify Users and customize content to enhance their experience. Cookies do not store any Client Information that is provided to us. This data may be used for advertising purposes both in aggregate and to tailor individual content. While these technologies are not required for use of our site, and can be managed within a Visitors’ browser, they may make the use of the Website less accessible. 

  • Third Party Services

    • From time to time Harvested Financial may engage the services of third party advertisers to promote its product. These companies are responsible for posting Harvested Financial’s content on sites that are not affiliated with Harvested Financial. These parties may track details about the user, such as IP address, device type, browser details, or history. We do not provide any information to these companies that is personally identifiable, nor do they collect the same from us. 

    • These services may use this data collected from you to provide advertising content on other sites. 


Service Providers:


In order to serve our customers, Harvested Financial has contracted with certain affiliates to perform functions related to trade settlement and clearing. These affiliates require certain client details in order to service the client.


Additionally, data may be provided to other third party services who help Harvested Financial perform its business. These may include accountants, attorneys and other professional service firms such as identity verification. In all cases we have agreements that these parties will keep information confidential and uphold the highest professional standards. 


Removal Requests:


If at any time you would like to know what information we have collected about you, or request to remove that information, please contact us at


In order to accommodate these requests, we may ask for certain details to help us locate or verify your account. While we will make all reasonable attempts to perform these requests, there may be times that due to pending legal matters or risk of injury to others privacy that we are unable to do so. If we cannot validate your information we are also unable to remove it. 


How we use your information:


Our goal as a financial service provider is to give clients the best possible advice. We also want our visitors to have an informed experience when browsing our Website. To this end, we make use of various types of personal information.  


We use this data to create accounts, monitor account activity, and provide recommendations about financial products. This data is used to review current products as well as offer new ones. 


The data is also used in aggregate to provide analytics and insight to our team, investors and board. We compile data from multiple accounts to analyze trends and better understand our business and customers. When compiling and aggregating data, individual details are anonymized.


Information may also be used to perform due diligence and comply with any federal or state regulations. This may include anti money laundering reviews, as well as comparison of the details with lists of known terrorists or criminals. We will fully comply with any legal subpoena or investigation that requires us to provide data. 


As an entity regulated by various state and federal security laws, Harvested Financial may be required to share information with regulators. This may include a state authority, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), or the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). 


In the case of advisory relationships, personal information may be shared with authorized Users on an account. These authorized Users are known to the client and have an established business relationship. 


We may use your information to contact you via phone, e-mail or post. This contact may be in the context of providing business services, advertising products, or other client outreach. 


We do NOT sell or rent your data to any third party.  


Data Removal and Opting Out:


Visitors and Clients who have provided personal information are free to opt out of e-mail and other communications related to marketing at any time. Clients may not be able to unsubscribe from certain notifications regarding their account which we are required to provide. 


Opting out may preclude you from accessing or signing up from certain services that Harvested Financial provides.


Harvested Financial will retain data so long as is necessary to continue providing services, making recommendations, as mandated by law, or as necessary to establish legal defenses and enforce our agreements. 


Any Visitor, Client or former Client may contact us to remove their data. Given enough information to identify their data, it will be promptly removed. We may not be able to remove data without adequate details. 


Protecting Information:


We go to the greatest extent possible to protect  Information. Using up to date encryption techniques and secure storage methods, individual information is managed to protect against misuse or misappropriation. While we take every reasonable step, we cannot guarantee the protection against electronic theft or security breaches as no technology is able to ensure that this data is secure and error free. 


Clients and Visitors are strongly encouraged to safeguard their own account details and protect their passwords and other identifiable information. 


Do Not Track:


In order to protect their activity on the internet, certain Users may have installed features that send “Do Not Track” messages to a site. Harvested Financial does not currently respond to these. 


Agreeing to this Policy


By accessing the Harvested Financial Website you are agreeing to the terms of this policy. Providing us user details either explicitly through a form or implicitly through the use of the site constitutes agreement and acceptance of these terms. These terms may change periodically and are updated on our Website. Changes are effective immediately upon posting, and we encourage Users to visit this page regularly. 


California Residents:


Residents of California have expanded privacy rights under the California Consumer Privacy Act. Background and details on the Act can be found here


Under California law, both Visitors and Clients have certain rights to obtain information about how their personal information has been used over the course of the past year. This includes a list, free of charge, once a year of any third party marketing firms to whom we have disclosed personal information for their own marketing purposes. Harvested Financial does not engage in this activity. 


For Users who are not clients, but residents of the state, California law allows them to obtain the data we have collected from them for our own use twice a year. Users can do so by contacting The same procedure allows these Users to request the removal of said information. 


Harvested Financial will only disclose personal information as described in this policy. On specific request we are able to give you details over the preceding 12 months about the categories of information we’ve collected, the sources of this information, our commercial intent, the categories of third parties to whom this is disclosed, as well as any specific pieces of personal information.


Non- US Residents:


Harvested Financial’s services are only intended for residents of the United States. For international visitors, your use of this site constitutes acceptance of these terms to provide these personal informations, which may or may not be similar to privacy rights in your home country. 




If you have any questions about the above policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach us at


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