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Digital Ten


Digital Assets have a significantly different risk profile that traditional investment products. In addition to the disclosure you'll find in our Form ADV, we review an additional Risk Disclosure document with clients. ​Broadly the risks of Digital Asset investments fall into the below categories:

  1. Risk of Loss - Digital Assets are fundamentally different from traditional assets and are subject to a much greater degree of risk of loss.

  2. Valuation Risk - Digital Assets are not only valued in unique ways, but risk having no potential valuation methods or a complete lack of liquidity.

  3. Regulatory Uncertainty Risk - Both domestic and international law is constantly evolving on digital assets, and all elements of ownership are subject to change and adverse impact to the client’s position.

  4. Liquidity Risk - Digital assets have no liquidity requirements or guarantees and ultimately any value is at risk of loss due to liquidity or lack of market access.

  5. Operational Risk - Access and management of digital assets is subject to change due to updated procedures and regulations, as well as technical restrictions or lack of access. 

  6. Third Party Risk - The use of third parties to execute or manage portfolio allocations creates additional risk to client assets, which is actively monitored by Harvested Financial. 

  7. Custody Risk - Digital assets exist in a complex and evolving security regime, representing a unique risk of loss.

  8. Security Risk. - As “bearer assets”, Digital Assets may be subject to specific loss scenarios involving security breaches, hacks, and other loss of access to the assets.

The entire risk disclosure addendum can be found here. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions, or would like to discuss suitability and opportunities. 

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