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Work with Harvested Financial to customize a strategy that fits your investment objectives. 

Consulting services give clients a hands on review of their specific needs and objectives to design custom strategies. Whether you're looking for help tweaking a current options position, or designing an overall investment allocation, we provide hands on research and advice. 


Add rigor to your options strategies with custom backtesting reviews to analyze how the risk and reward of your strategy might vary over time.  

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Choose from our menu of strategies or implement your own custom trading plan. Our investment management services offer a low cost way to gain exposure to equity and volatility risk premium. 

Already subscribed to a newsletter or have other trade signals? We also work with clients to automatically trade and manage your position based on those signals. 

Our systematic execution platform adds rigor and structure to your portfolio and investment process. 

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Whether you're building a completely unique strategy through our consulting process, or simply allocating to a Model Portfolio, Harvested Financial interfaces with clients in a manner that works for them.


Consulting and Investment Management can be combined or taken individually, and there's no commitment for either. Take advantage of our low fee, customized services to add a little bit of different to your portfolio.