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Securities Based Lending

Leverage the value of your brokerage account with securities based lending. 

Use your equity holdings to fund a down payment or all cash offer in competitive real estate markets.

Borrow from yourself for home improvement projects at cheaper rates than home equity loans. 

Reduce the uncertainty and margin cost with an options structure that locks in account value without selling underlying holdings. 

529 and 401(k) Planning

Get advice about selecting the best plans and investments for your 529 Savings Plan.

Maximize the effectiveness of capital with "super charged" contributions.

Balance your 401(k) to complement other holdings and achieve maximum tax efficiency.

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Strategy Development

Looking to solve for a specific investment scenario, or determine the optimal position to take advantage of your conviction?


Work with us directly to evaluate, structure, and back test various strategies. 


Once we've found the right fit, let us manage this directly or execute on your own.  


Confused by all the opportunity and complexity of Decentralized Finance? 

Work with us to understand protocol design, impermanent loss, and the various risks of liquidity provision. We can help you evaluate projects and their tokenomics, or determine the optimum vault strategy. 

We have experience managing trading, staking, and  yield farming strategies across the digital asset ecosystem and bring a unique perspective on risks and opportunities.